Columbia Boston Barge: Seward Shipyard Historic On-Land Marine Repair

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard completes perhaps the largest, on-land ship repair ever in Alaska: Columbia Boston Barge

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard successfully hauled 2200-ton Columbia Boston barge onto land to complete what may be the largest, on-land ship repair project ever in Alaska.  Hauled out of Resurrection Bay on airbags controlled by a hydraulic system, the Columba Boston is longer than a football field and more than half as wide.

JAG Alaska Inc. partnered with Sockeye Point Marine Services whose yard near the shipyard provided the ideal location to accommodate this massive project, and potentially more like it and even larger.

JAG successfully completed the Columbia Boston ship repairs and returned the vessel to water on Friday, February 26.  The completion of this historic project has the potential to open up Seward to service a range of larger vessels, including oil response barges and others.  Due to facility limitations here in Alaska, these vessels were forced to shipyards in Seattle and Portland for marine repair and maintenance services.  This transport required weeks of down-time and enormous costs.

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard: Ship Repair and Maintenance for Alaska’s Fleets

The JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard is full-service shipyard facility located at the south end of the Seward Marine Industrial Center, east of the City of Seward across Resurrection Bay. Our facility is the second largest shipyard facility north of Seattle, Washington.  We provide marine repair and maintenance services for vessels representing a wide cross section of the Alaskan maritime fleets including:

  • Privately Owned Commercial Vessels
  • Commercial Shipping Vessels (Fleet)
  • Commercial & Privately Owned Fishing Vessels
  • Oil and Gas Industry Support Vessels
  • US Coast Guard and other Government Vessels

Additionally, our Mobile Shipyard crews for marine repair and maintenance are rapidly mobilized for off-site projects including welding, sandblasting and painting, marine HVAC air duct cleaning, and other marine repair and maintenance services.  We invite you to contact our shipyard office to discuss your shipbuilding, marine repair and vessel maintenance services needs.

Video & Photo courtesy of Southcentral Equipment Rental, LLC.  On Facebook at South Central Equipment Rental LLC


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JAG Alaska Inc. is a government approved small business set aside vendor. Click here to access our government website.

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