Community & Development

Our role as a member of the Seward and Alaskan communities is a matter of great pride here at Jag Alaska Inc.  Our stewardship here allows us the opportunity to share not only our commitment to the marine industries but further develop in our partnership with the City of Seward.  As we strive to create that superior customer experience, so too do we strive to create impactful and beneficial relationships and opportunities right here in our local communities and beyond with our neighbors around the State of Alaska.

In achieving our mission as a shipyard, we support the economic development within the region both in terms of revenue generation and job creation.  Illustrating the earnestness of our commitments, within our first year here at the Seward Shipyard, JAG Alaska Inc. secured over $900,000 in federal funding to improve the shipyard facility.

But there is still more to a community than economics and it is our goal to support the community organizations and programming that makes Seward such a unique and vital place to live, work and visit.  JAG Alaska Inc. is a member of the Seward Chamber of Commerce and we actively engage with members of the community whose development efforts here in Seward are invaluable.

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