Marine Repair and Maintenance

Full-Service Shipyard for New Vessel Construction, Marine Repair and Vessel Maintenance

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard is a full service shipyard.  Our facility is one of the largest shipyards in Alaska and the second largest shipyard north of Seattle.  We have the ability to drydock large marine vessels up to 5000 LT and up to 350 feet in length, from commercial shipping vessels to fishing boats, barges and other large vessels.  Our customers include the United States Coast Guard, fleets and private vessel owners from around the state of Alaska.  JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard is a US Government Small Business Set Aside Vendor.  For more information about our US Federal Contractor Registration please visit our government site by clicking this link.

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Marine Repair Services

A damaged vessel is a liability for any fleet or vessel owner.  While regular maintenance programs provided by JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard can help identify many potential risks in advance, day to day vessel operations along with material and environmental conditions can cause unexpected structural and systems deterioration aboard ships and other marine vessels.  Emergent repair needs don’t always provide advance warning and in some cases transporting vessels to a shipyard facility for repair services is not practical or even possible.

Systems and Structural Repairs, Updates and Modifications on Marine Vessels

Extending the useful life of marine vessels and on-board systems often requires systems and structural repairs, updates and modifications.  The Project Managers here at JAG Alaska Seward Inc., work with customers to identify opportunities to update or modify vessel systems and structural components individually and as part of more comprehensive, broad scope marine repair and maintenance programs.  Like routine maintenance programs, updates and modifications for marine vessels may provide both immediate and long-term benefits including increased system or vessel efficiency and as a cost-effective strategy for decreasing the need for on-going maintenance for outdated systems and aging structural components.

Mobile Shipyard Marine Repair & Vessel Maintenance

Some vessels and projects cannot come to our facility due to urgency, distance or cost.  JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard’s Mobile Shipyard crews are available to bring many shipyard services directly to our customers across the State of Alaska.  Our Mobile Shipyard crews include welders, painters, blasters and other highly skilled marine tradesmen.  Please contact our facility to discuss off-site projects by calling 1.907.224.3198 or email us at

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Marine Vessel Maintenance Programs and Services

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard provides routine and regulatory maintenance programs for customers across the Alaskan Fleet including commercial shipping vessels, privately owned commercial vessels, fishing boats, oil and gas support vessels and vessels from the region’s US Coast Guard fleet.

Regulatory Maintenance Programs for Marine Vessels

According to Federal regulations, many vessels are required to be dry docked for hull inspection twice in every five year period, not to exceed three years between inspections.  Our shipyard facility has capacity to drydock up to 4 large marine vessels at once, in addition to dockside berthing.  Our facility is equipped with both Synchrolift and Travelift drydocks providing  capability of drydocking vessels up to 5000LT and up to 350ft in length for inspection and other maintenance.

Routine Maintenance Programs for Marine Vessels

Our Project Managers work with fleet and vessel owners to develop tailored maintenance programs for marine vessels, executed by our highly skilled and experienced crews of marine tradesmen here at JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard.  Additionally, our Mobile Shipyard crews provide a wide range of off-site maintenance services including Sandblasting, Painting and Marine Air Duct Cleaning delivered directly do our customers with marine vessels harbored around the State of Alaska.

Marine Sandblasting and Painting Services

Click here for more information about Marine Sandblasting and Painting services provide by JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard.

Marine Air Duct Cleaning Services

Click here for more information about Marine Air Duct Cleaning services provide by JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard.

Project Management for New Vessel Construction, Marine Repair & Vessel Maintenance

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard provides full-service project management for new marine vessel construction, marine repair and maintenance projects from emergent repair and vessel upgrades to routine and regulatory maintenance.  Our Project Managers are the front line of nearly every project at our facility.  They work closely with each customer to create tailored project plans outlining the specific scope for each new vessel construction, marine repair and  maintenance project.

Our Project Managers work with customers, internal shipyard staff, vendors and sub-contractors to address specific project dimensions including:

  • Time & Scheduling
  • Project Cost
  • Scheduling & Staffing
  • Vendor & Sub-Contractor Coordination
  • Materials and Resources
  • Project Flow and Methodology
  • Regulatory Compliance (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental)
  • Project Reporting

Our project managers serve as the on-going liaison between the customer, stakeholders, labor resources and vendors throughout the project span.  Their role provides centralized leadership and continuity across the multiple dimensions of any given project.

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