JAG Alaska Inc.:
Stewardship at the Seward Shipyard

JAG Alaska Inc. represents a new generation of stewardship of the Seward Shipyard. We are building on a very proud history of nearly fifty years of shipyard services in Seward. When we took the helm here in 2018 we came prepared and backed by a combined experience of more than 150 years of shipyard management and marine services experience among the executive leaders of our parent company JAG Industrial and Marine Services.  As a leader in shipyard staffing and marine services project management nationwide, JAG’s highly skilled marine tradesmen and project managers are an integral part of shipbuilding and marine repair projects on-going at shipyards around the country.  Their presence as part of local projects here in Seward placed JAG here locally even before the commencement of our stewardship.

JAG’s relationship to the JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard is significant because it places the immense depth of experience in shipyard operations and management at the heart of our parent company at the ready to provide our customers with an exceptional quality of service.  This depth of experience and leadership, in tandem with our highly skilled marine tradesmen here in Seward, and available through JAG, enables us to take maximum advantage of the exceptional facilities here at the Seward Shipyard and deliver on the JAG mission to provide a superior customer experience.

JAG Alaska, Inc. Seward Shipyard is a tremendous milestone and opportunity for JAG to expand our service capabilities and forge enduring and productive relationships with the City of Seward as well as the many agencies and private clients this new facility enables us to serve.

JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard
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